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Student Leadership

Our School Mission Statement clearly states that the students are encouraged to Lead by serving others. 

One of the ways that our students demonstrate 'Leading by serving others' is to participate in our grade 9 Mission Trip each spring. (ON HOLD DUE TO COVID RESTRICTIONS)

The following is a little trivia about the Mission Trip

Mission Trip Trivia

     2007 - 2014  

  • 8 years
  • 41,328 kms
  • 5,166 km/yr
  • 168 students  (16 students, 18 students, 18 students, 19 students, 21 students, 31 students, 21 students, 24 students)
  • 43 parents (11 of these have gone more than once), 4 Foundation members or spouses, 17 other adult volunteers
  • 656 hours on the bus (82/yr), 38 there and 44 back
  • 65 worship services
  • Over $400,000 dollars raised
  • 12 soccer games……no wins
  • Mike Krogen, Darrell Regehr and ‘Glen the driver’ are the only 8 timers
  • Teachers and Support Staff who have gone – Krogen (8), Regehr (8), Schroeder (4), Williams (2), Douziech, Neufeld, Krikke, Roussel, Markeli (2), Jeske (EA/AA), Carr, Pipke (2), Brady, M. Schroeder
  • 3 different paint jobs on the bus – Ed Stelmach’s face, Amigo purple design, pure white
  • 45 cockroaches, 23 scorpions, 12 black widow spiders
  • 65 trees irrigated
  • Jobs – built 2nd floor of hacienda, bunk beds, irrigation for trees, sheds, brick work, stucco work, shelving, painted 3 orphanages, fixed vehicles, tiled floors, laminated floors, lino’d floors, tiled bathroom, poured concrete floors, cleaned yards for orphanages and a church, taught English at base and at school, babysat at homes and daycares, spent time in classrooms at 2 different schools, fed over 600 kids at various programs, helped out the rehab men, helped out the ladies refuge center, renovated the hacienda, hung doors, took down sheds, put up walls in 3 churches, trenched and installed weeping tile, 5 free dental clinics, ran Christian Events (for Chiou), prayed for countless numbers of people, witnessed miracles and worshipped in more places than I can remember…plus some other stuff
  • Made and gave out 595 gift bags
  • Assisted in completing over $200,000 worth of dentistry
  • Financially helped over 26 different Christian organizations in Mexico, El Paso and Fabens