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MCS Foundation Ltd. and Edmonton Public Schools

MCS Foundation Ltd. and Edmonton Public Schools work with families and community partners to provide safe, caring, healthy, diverse, inclusive and equitable learning experiences that engage students to achieve their full potential in an increasingly interdependent world.

Meadowlark Christian School (MCS) Foundation

The MCS Foundation exists to foundationally support all operational aspects of the Community Christian Education Program.  Legally, MCS Foundation Ltd. is a not-for-profit corporation, incorporated under the Companies Act in the province of Alberta.

The Foundation is the entity that works in partnership with Edmonton Public Schools to deliver the Community Christian Education Program (CCEP) which is the alternative program offered at Meadowlark Christian School.

The Foundation consists of a board of directors.  Core directors are appointed through a board process. People with a heart for Christian Education, with suitable gifts and talents and an ability to serve, usually fill these positions.  There is no requirement that they have children who attend the school.

Parent directors are elected by the parent body. A parent director is the legal parent or guardian of a current student. Nominations open in June. The election occurs at September’s “Meet the Teacher and MCS BBQ” event. 

The Foundation:

      *collects the fees for the alternative program.

      *provides a sound financial basis for maintaining the program and the facility, including maintenance and renovations.

      *provides strategic direction, including advice on translating the mission of the CCEP into clear guidelines.

      *participates in selecting the school principal.

      *monitors the school’s success in achieving its mission statement.

      *meets regularly with representatives of Edmonton Public Schools.